Large Area Electric Sanitising Sprayer – 240v – Fogger Alternative – in stock

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Electric Sanitising Sprayer for large areas – ideal for ambulances, buses, schools, restaurants, cinemas etc- an alternative to fogging or fogger machines and electrostatic sprayers.

huge time savings and maximum efficiency without touching any surfaces

delivered as a totally stand-alone unit that’s ready for immediate use.

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  • Tough on-site construction but small & lightweight – less than 12kgs!
  • Pumps up to 30 metres.
  • Sucks straight from a bucket/drum or any container
  • Complete with extension spray lance to allow you to reach difficult areas
  • Special spray tip leaving a very clean, quick drying layer on the surface but fogging at the same time – particle size between 10 & 30 microns
  • Rapid deployment
  • 15m hose provided ensures minimum movement of machine set-up. Simply to work on sanitising with the reach of the hose with only the gun in your hand.
  • Full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

what’s in the box

  • 240 volt machine complete and ready to go for all sanitising procedures
  • 15m hose for maximum flexibility
  • 380mm (15″) lance to ensure reach into those otherwise hard-to-get-at areas
  • Ergonomically designed gun to minimise hand and wrist fatigue
  • Specific sanitisation spray tip to ensure correct atomisation. (between 10 & 30 microns)

what sanitiser do i use

  • you can use any disinfectant, sanitiser, virucidal cleaner or similar liquid through the machine


  • current delivery time is 4 days (UK & Ireland) but we are working on bringing this down so we can all help the fight against covid-19

technical specification

  • weight             11.4 kg
  • atomisation   between 10 & 30 microns
  • motor              700w
  • spray tip          fan width 10″/ 25.4cm
  • set flow rate   0.34 litres per minute 
  • pump              1100 psi 
  • cable length  2.2 metres
  • warranty         2 years