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Replacement NTC Probe (Pack of 2)

Product Description
This genuine Polar part is compatible with a number of Polar refrigerated/ units. These are used in conjunction with AB363 (Dixell XR02CX) & AD728 (Dixell Thermostat XR06CX) Fits AB090 CB929 CB930 CB931 CC601 CC663 CD080 CD082 CD084 CD086 CD087 CD088 CD089 CD610 CD612 CD614 CD616 CE205 CE206 CF759 CL108 CL109 CN402 CR711 CT330 CT331 CT332 CT425 CW193 CW194 CW195 CW196 CW197 CW198 DA538 DA539 DA540 DA541 DA994 DA995 DA996 DA997 DM075 DM076 DP286 DP287 G592 G593 G594 G595 G603 G604 G605 G606 G607 G608 G609 G610 G611 G622 GD875 GD876 GD877 GD878 GD881 GH130 GH131 GH132 GH133 GJ447 GJ448 GJ449 GL185 GL189 U632 U636 U637 U638 CB921 CB932 CC605 CD081 CD083 CD085 CD611 CD613 CD615 CD984 CE207 CS102 CS103 CS586 CT393 CT394 CT395 CT423 CT424 DA462 DA463 DA464 DA465 DA546 DA547 DA548 DA549 DL914 DL915 DL916 DL917 G377 G378 G379 G590 G591 G596 G597 G598 G599 G600 G601 GD873 GD874 GD879 GD880 GD882 GD883 GH134 GH268 GH269 GH506 GH507 GL180 GL181 GL182 GL183 GL184 GL186 GL187 GL188 GL455 GL456 GL457 U633 U634 U635
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