Compostable Bagasse Hinged Food Containers (pack of 200) 244 x 204mm

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Serve your meals-to-go in a more sustainable way with these 224(W) x 204(D)mm Fiesta Green compostable bagasse hinged food containers. Constructed entirely from renewable, waste sugarcane, these containers are kinder to the planet than polystyrene alternatives and commercially compostable within 12 weeks. Switching to these containers will therefore help you to divert waste away from landfill, reduce your environmental impact and meet demand for greener catering disposables.

The bagasse material is also incredibly breathable, preventing your dishes from becoming soggy when served to customers.

Product features

  • Dimensions 224(W) x 204(D)mm | 8 3/4 x 8″
  • Material Bagasse
  • Weight 38.5g
  • Colour White
  • Bagasse is a compostable material made from waste sugarcane
  • Compostable within 12 weeks in industrial composting facilities
  • Passes the BS EN 13432 standard for compostability
  • Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic food containers
  • Emits less carbon during production than traditional plastic alternatives
  • The breathable material keeps food crispy for longer
  • Microwave safe at 100°C for three minutes
  • Freezer safe at temperatures as low as -5°C
  • Great for green-minded festivals, food markets and mobile caterers