Want to order?

Christmas is an important time of year for hospitality so we work a little differently for Christmas products.

Email: paul@vertella.co.uk


Call us on 01524 845555 - ask for Santa's little Helper (Paul Bentley)

Paul will take down your required volume of the product, current availability, and pricing, He will also find out when your Christmas event(s) are due to start so we can arrange appropriate delivery dates to suit you.

Confirm your order

Once happy with the products, price, and volume you would like to order. You will then need to confirm your order by payment. Only from payment is your stock secured for your delivery date and we advise customers to order well in advance as the product does run out in the UK way before the public starts thinking about Christmas.

You're all done!

You will receive an email confirmation of your order and the agreed delivery date. We do the rest.

Christmas products are a special order product that is non-returnable and noncancelable, by making payment you agree to this. This is why we go through the steps above to ensure the volume and product are right for you. Vertella have been supplying Christmas products for 33 years and known in the industry for quality products and service